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Posted on 08/21/2012

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United States
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I am here to meet my dream come true but i am not in a rush for anything as i am ready to take things slow and see where it goes,i want to meet a man that is caring,loving and is ready to take me to the next level in life, the only thing i need from him to be a good lover that will make me happy and i will be there to catch him at anytime he needs me in life and that is love.I am ready to make my home more secure with the filial attributes which i have been able to create from what i have seen and i have ready because i love to read and watch good things as it goes so i will be ready to add those facts about what i have read and seen into my own home so that we could have a better family in the future, my children are not going to lack any bits because i will make sure that they are being catered for and I will make life better for them given them all the basics they need to be a good children. I promise to be loyal and faithful to my family because i will not want to do what will make my case as a woman get worse for them to the extent that I will not be able to have a clean face as the passionate woman who i have lived and worked to be in the household. I want them to be proud of me at all time and i want my sincerity even as a father to sing and ring in their ears at all time in life.
Looking for:
I want to meet a man that is caring,loving and that is ready to take me to the next level in life as i am not ready to rush into anything at all,i want to take things slow and see where it goes because it is the heart that matters in anything anyone does in life. I know that my life is worth many things in life but it will be worth the best when i am set with my love and my life and i know that we will get there in life. he should be a man with an heart of gold and god because he should know why he has been created and it is with it he will be able to take good care of the household so well and i am so sure that all will be fine and good.I want him to be someone that is ready to give in and put his best to make sure he makes it in life as i am a very strong lady and i will be there for him to console him and make him know that he is the
best man in the world and i will help him increase his strength in life.
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5' 8"
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