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I'm a friendly, happy, bubbly, silly, energetic kindergarten teacher and coach interested in finding a guy who can keep up with me and maybe even kick my butt in sports! I'm easy to please and extremely generous and giving...been around the block with the selfish and dishonest so I am most definitely looking for a guy who's capable of being HONEST and genuine from the minute we meet. A must is....bear hugs and lots of laughter/smiles. Life is what you make of it and I want to be with a confident, respectful, successful guy who'll be happy to start a healthy and happy relationship. I'm from a big family, originally from Boston. I feel like a lucky Irish gal to have been given the opportunities I've had and it's allowed me to be independent and motivated to reach the goals I've had in life. I own a house in Surprise with a sparkling pool and 2 patches of green grass . I'm a lil fishy and absolutely love being in the water teaching swim lessons or reading my book soakin up some rays! Healthy vitamin D tan....it makes my eyes sparkle more! If you're genuine and good hearted...and can wrap me up in a great bear hug with some good strong arms then what are you waiting for??? I coach soccer, tennis, bball, and swimming! I get to the gym to relieve the stress of teaching the adorable lil 5 yr old buggars all day! I'm happy with my life, I just don't have that big strong guy to tackle me in the back yard into the pool when it's ridiculously hot in the summer at 120'!!! Teachin kindergarten in Surprise excited to spend this summer at the lake, in my pool, at the gym and enjoyin some sunshine! I'm a nice Irish gal w a "wicked" tan!!! It's so easy to make me laugh...but WIPEOUT is a surefire way to see what I look like at my silliest...if that show doesn't make you laugh, and truly out loud, then you're too darn serious!!! I'm from Boston but I'm pretty darn country (Love Big trucks, rodeos, & country music).
*******Oh my...if you cant handle a sassy, fiesty, smart@$$ Boston gal....THAT'S ME so keep on movin!!!! Ill keep you on your toes, out smack talk ya n ALWAYS root for my Boston boys in sports & expect follow through from you ...ACTIONS speak louder then words...cant handle that buster lol then go find a Yankee gal No sweet talkers trying to pull a fast one on the good gal...kindergarten teachers are smart, I'll figure you out! Smoke and mirrors are just disappointing! Ill actually sneak attack (learned from kindergarteners at school& nephews) n tackle your @$$ in my pool before you get a chance to do it to me. Genuine intentions please...I'm ready...but are you ready for this firecracker? There's a whole lot of mud to wade through in dating...I'm still trudgin through lol but with a pretty darn big smile still! . A few emails, texts n phone calls is a natural progression in communication if you aren't willing to make the effort to call and talk then what's the point? I'm not interested in a relationship of any kind w a guy who won't/can't communicate like a real live human. I'm not going to chase anyone...we can be grown ups and call when we want to talk, easy as that! The preview should be the same as the actual movie...you should present yourself and behave the same way you will if/when we meet...honesty!!!!!
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Genuine, honest, mature, respectful, motivated, happy, good hearted guy who is ready to date one gal! Someone who can communicate and genuinely wants to date a silly, sporty, feisty, smart@$$, smiley Kindergarten teacher.
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  • Posted 5 years ago
thanks for being a good hardworking lady.i would like to hear more from u