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Posted on 03/30/2018

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There you have it.Hope this doesn't overwhelm you.I know who I am and what I want out of my life.If you would like to know more, let me know. People who are deceitful, misleading, dishonest and who lack integrity are not the kind of people with whom I wish to associate.I admire people who learn from adversity, and when getting knocked down by whatever life throws at them, getting back up and into the game...I pride myself in being compassionate, aware, evolved (or at least evolving), articulate, considerate and respectful of other people's feelings ,I also consider myself to be honest, truthful,successful in business, devoted, committed,faithful, loyal,dedicated to ideals, and have a strong faith.

I enjoy my life, - I think I'm fairly easy to get along with . I believe that people can make an instant meaningful connection when they first meet, that we know when we meet the right person, and I also recognize that we can also make mistakes (been there done that), what I hope I've learned as a result is that, if it doesn't fit, don't force it - while I believe that instant connections can occur, I also know that over time, people sometimes grow and move towards one another, i.e that special person you're going to meet may be someone you already know - although I'm here, I'm not desperate, but when I've been fortunate enough to have that deep connection with a man that includes an element of romance, well, there's not much that can beat that, so of course I'd like to share it again - does it sound like I'm often shy and reserved? because I often am, but I can also open up or cut loose as well, given the right environment - I'm young at heart and still learning all the time - the person I connect with will probably be the same - I'm not perfect, but I'm not a project either, and I'm also not looking for one - I'm a serious music lover, and my tastes are very eclectic, so I'm open to most music - most of waht I do for pleasure includes music to some extent.
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I am a girl that enjoys an active lifestyle and am looking for someone who is ready to take on life with the same kind of passion that I am. My ideal date would be kind, outgoing, confident and funny. But I also need someone that is driven and knows how to take care of business as well. Communication is a must . I am all about balance. As far as my interests-- I love to travel and explore new cities both domestic and abroad. I would love to find someone that could share in this "fernweh" lifestyle. I also really enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, cooking for my friends. Fulfilling the role of wife and mother will one day be my most important role. As woman I have been raised to know that I can be a great wife and mom, have a career that I find purpose and fulfillment through and have a homemade dinner on the table. To me this is not being a stereotype but being a strong and vibrant person. I am a very multifaceted person so if you're looking to try to put me in a category good luck haha :) I want a best friend and partner. Someone to challenge and encourage me. So, if any of this might appeal to you feel free to send me a message (I don't usually pay much attention to winks haha)
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