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I do not like to talk too much about me but since there is no other way to get to know each other I will share some of my personality.
I am best described as usually taking care of others. I am very understanding, unquestioning, selfless, gentle, kindhearted, trustworthy, sympathetic, direct with people when needed, a good listener. As far as my openness, they say that sometimes I am curious, sometimes content. I am self-aware, adaptable, accepting. Since I love to learn I have always been teachable I believe I hold both solid beliefs and I am opento new ideas, I am accepting of other people and other ways of thinking and believing. I am neither closed-minded nor wildly open-minded, but walk somewhere near the middle of the intellectual road. I guess I can say that I am a pretty emotional person too, self conscious, perceptive, insightful, sensitive.As far as my conscientiousness I will say that I am focused, deliberate, careful, determined, proactive, obliged, perfectionist, purposeful. I also am an outgoing person, friendly,spontaneous, unreserved.OK, I have said enough about me, too much. I like to let others see what kind of person I am by observing my acts and doings. I am sure that if you get to know me better you will not be disappointed.
Thank s.
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